Ola Englund signed Solar Backplates

If you check out gear demos online and have a penchant for high gain tones, the chances are you’ll have seen Ola Englund‘s video demos. Ola was one of the first people to accurately capture the sound of the guitar & amp signal chain for YouTube to the point where the videos were finally as useful as written reviews, if not more so.

Over the years he has refined his visual and aural production values to stay ahead of the competition, while making the leap from hobby to full time musician. Along the way, he’s picked up an endorsement with Washburn guitars for his Solar signature models, releasing solo albums under the Feared monicker and toured Europe with death metal legends Six Feet Under. We recently caught up with him backstage while he was on tour with Swedish band The Haunted, supporting Meshuggah. Ola was good enough to sign the backplates of his signature Washburn Solar models for us – we have just one signed guitar available from each model.

Washburn Solar 160C – 6 string superstrat, carbon matte black finish
Washburn Solar 170C – 7 string superstrat, carbon matte black finish
Washburn Solar 160WHM – 6 string superstrat, matte white finish
Washburn Solar V 160CK – 6 string V, carbon matte black finish

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All the Washburn Solars we stock have a matte finish that feels great to the touch and makes for a fast-playing neck. The Seymour Duncan Solar pickups keep extreme clarity and string separation under high gain, so are perfect for modern metal and will handle downtuning without getting muddy. With high spec and visually striking features like the reverse headstock, single Solar 12th fret inlay on an otherwise blank ebony fretboard, bevelled cutaways, and one of the most seamless neck to body joins we’ve come across, these represent the evolution of the superstrat and combine many of the features metal guitarists have been demanding on production instruments for years.

You can check out all these signed guitars on our dedicated Washburn Solar page.


In our aim to bring our physical store closer to you when you’re online, we’ve now updated the vast majority of our guitar listings with supporting shots of the exact guitar you’re checking out. This is especially important when you’re buying a guitar with a natural finish, like the gorgeous flamed, quilted and exotic tops you find on the ESP, PRS, Sterling and Faith guitars that we stock.

Now, when you view one of our guitar pages, in most cases you will see a stock photo as the main picture, but three or more supporting pictures in the photo gallery showing the finer detail of the tops, and often overlooked, the backs of the instruments. So not only can you see how the back of the body is cosmetically finished; you get a closer look at the neck to body join, the finish on the back of the neck and the type of tuners used – all useful information when you’re shopping from the comfort of home. As we sell each instrument, we’ll keep the main stock photo but replace the supporting photographs with the next model we have in stock available.

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